Advanced TV Advertising<br> Training Course

What TV network managers, marketing managers and developers should know about the technologies, operation and equipment for planning, designing, and implementing TV advertising systems.

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Advanced TV Advertising




About the Course:

This course provides technical and operational information about how TV advertising systems are evolving into addressable and personalized advertising. You will learn the key ad decision technologies, functional components and the common types of equipment that are used to intelligently select and place ads in TV networks.




- Identify the functional parts and the operation of TV

advertising systems.


- Discover the dramatic increase in advertising

revenue that can be achieved through targeted



- Learn about the different types of ads and how

they create new sources of advertising revenue.


- Discover new technologies & industry standards

that are used in TV advertising.


- How ad decision systems can manage

promotional opportunities, content descriptions

and how they can use subsciber data to better

select TV ads.


- How to evolve existing TV advertising systems

to offer more targeted advertising.


  Materials Provided:

Presentation Binder, Lab Exercises, Advanced TV Advertising Book


Summary Outline:

Television Advertising Systems

- Advertisers - TV System Operators - Viewers

TV Advertising Objectives

- Product Sales - Web Traffic - Brand Awareness
- Public Relations

Television Ad Types

- Standard - Embedded Expandable - TV Widgets
- Interactive - Overlay

TV Advertising Technology

- Addressable Advertising - Ad Bidding - Op-In Advertising
- Ad Telescoping - Personalized Ads - Interactive Advertising
- Advertising on Demand (AoD) - Automatic Viewer Identification
- Ad Bookmarking

Television Advertising Systems

- Linear Ads On Demand Ads Ad Applications

TV Ad Campaigns

- Campaign Objectives Audience - Program Selections Scheduling - Ad Tracking Options Ad Budgeting
- Campaign Control Rules

Television Ad Metrics

- Ad Impressions Tuning Behavior - Ad Bookmarks
- Ad Expansions Ad Selections

TV Advertising Economics

- TV Advertising Revenues - Advertising Costs

TV Advertising Regulations

- Content Restrictions Scheduling - Privacy


Per Person

On-Site Training

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$1195        1 Day


$5995        1 Day



Knowledge of television networks, digital media types, and basic understanding of TV management systems.



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