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Document that defines the objectives, steps, key tasks, resources, and timeline for a company.

Text Document

Ok to Copy and Use, NOT OK to Publish or Sell


<Company Name>

Business Plan

<Year 1 to Year 5>

(As of <Date>)


This document contains information from <Company Name> that is considered confidential. The information is intended solely for the named recipient. If the reader or recipient of this information is not the person or entity designated, then the reader is directed to deliver this information forthwith to the named recipient. Or, if this document has been directed to the reader in error, please notify us at the telephone number listed above to arrange for retrieval of the information. Disclosure, copying, and distribution of this document or the information contained herein are prohibited by anyone other than the named recipient.

This is Not an Offering Document

Executive Summary

<Company Name> is a <company type> that <business process> to provide <products>. The products include <product types>. <Company Name> <unique knowledge> and <unique skills> allow us to produce <products> <attributes - faster, lower cost, higher quality>.

The <Company Name> business strategy is divided into phases. <Phase 1> <Phase 2> and <Phase 3>.

<Company Name> <one line business process description>

<Company Name> <one line key business achievements> during <achievement time period>.

<Company Name> has key advantages which include <one line key advantages>

<Industry> marketplace is <one line industry market summary>

<Company Name> key objectives include <one line key company objectives>

The simple formula for <Company Name>:

<Simple Company Business Formula>

<Company Name> Objectives

<Company Name> objectives for <Objective Year> include <objective 1>, <objective 2>, and <objective 3>. This should generate sales of $<sales amount> per <period> by the end of <objective year>.

<Objective 1> <Objective 1 target> - <Objective 1elements>

<Objective 2> <Objective 2 target> - <Objective 2 elements>

<Objective 3> <Objective 3 target> - <Objective 3 elements>


<Company Name> produces <product type 1>, <product type 2>, and <product type 3>.

<Product Type 1>

<Product type 1 description>

<Product Type 2>

<Product type 2 description>

<Product Type 3>

<Product type 3 description>

Key Business Strategies

<Strategy 1>

<strategy 1 description>

<Strategy 2>

<strategy 2 description>

<Strategy 3>

<strategy 3 description>

Distribution Channels

<Company Name> key distribution channels include <distribution channel 1>, <distribution channel 2>, and <distribution channel 3>.

<Distribution Channel 1>

<Distribution Channel 1 description>

<Distribution Channel 2>

<Distribution Channel 1 description>

<Distribution Channel 3>

<Distribution Channel 1 description>

Production Strategy

<Company Name> will produce/develop products using <production process 1>, <production process 2>, and <production process 3>

<Production Process 1>

<Production process 1 description>

<Production Process 2>

<Production process 2 description>

<Production Process 3>

<Production process 3 description>

Sales and Marketing

<Company Name> will sell products using <sales process 1>, <sales process 2>, and <sales process 3>

<Sales Process 1>

<sales process 1 description>

<Sales Process 2>

<sales process 2 description>

<Sales Process 3>

<sales process 3 description>

Human Resources

<Company Name> will employ key types of people including <job role 1>, <job role 2>, and <job role 3>

<Job Role 1>

<Job role 1 description>

<Job Role 2>

<Job role 2 description>

<Job Role 3>

<Job role 3 description>

Product Development

<Company Name> will develop product in phases; <product development phase 1>, <product development phase 2>, and <product development phase 3>,

<Product Development Phase 1>

<product development phase 1 description>

<Product Development Phase 2>

<product development phase 2 description>

<Product Development Phase 3>

<product development phase 3 description>

Market Analysis

<Product Market>

<market demand for product>

<description of how product or service fits into marketplace - potential market share>

<reference to credible market research data source>


<key types of competitors>

<Company Name> attempts to compete by <competitive strategy>

<list of top competitors>

Business Operations

<Company Name> is located in <Company Location>.


<Company Name> corporate headquarters is located at <company address>.


<Company name> produces product by <summary of production process>

Information Systems

<Company Name> uses <systems > to store, process and manage its information.


<Company name> uses <law firm(s)> to review and counsel on legal matters.


<Company name> uses <accounting firm> to review and counsel on financial matters.

Sales and Marketing

<Company name> uses <sales platform> to generate, respond to, and manage sales leads.


<Company Name> will complete key tasks to achieve its objective over a <time period>

<Key Task 1> - <Task 1 Completion Date>

<Key Task 1 description>

<Key Task 1> - <Task 1 Completion Date>

<Key Task 1 description>

<Key Task 1> - <Task 1 Completion Date>

<Key Task 1 description>

<Key Task 2> - <Task 2 Completion Date>

<Key Task 2 description>

<Key Task 3> - <Task 3 Completion Date>

<Key Task 3 description>

<Key Task 4> - <Task 4 Completion Date>

<Key Task 4 description>

<Key Task 5> - <Task 5 Completion Date>

<Key Task 5 description>



<Company Name> revenue will come from <revenue source 1>, <revenue source 2>, and <revenue source 3>.

<Revenue Source 1>

<Revenue source 1 generation process>

<Revenue source 1 expected values>

<Revenue Source 2>

<Revenue source 2 generation process>

<Revenue source 2 expected values>

<Revenue Source 3>

<Revenue source 3 generation process>

<Revenue source 3 expected values>



<Key facilities cost description>


<Key development cost description>


<Key Marketing cost description>


<Key labor cost description>


<Key other cost description> - legal, accounting, etc.

<COMPANY NAME> Business Plan


Business Plan Sample Document - MS Word Format QDBPBP001