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Copyright: 2016


This event marketing book provides instructions on promoting courses, seminars, and other events using a combination of unpaid (social media) and paid (advertising) media channels..

Learn event marketing objectives including building contact lists, gathering content, engaging key clients, generating revenue, and publicity. Discover time saving ways to perform competitive analysis for gathering sample materials, typical event performance, and how to analyze the information to more effectively promote your event. Event scheduling considerations are explained including impact from other related events, presenter availability, session sequencing, and promotion capabilities.

This book was created by a team of experienced Internet marketing experts who explain the different types of Internet marketing programs, how they work, and provide realistic expectations and actual results. You will not become an Internet marketing consultant by reading this book. You will learn which Internet marketing programs can work well for your products and company.

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About the Authors

Mr. Lawrence Harte is the president of Althos, an expert information provider covering the communications industry. He has over 29 years of technology analysis, development, implementation, and business management experience. He has setup, managed, and provided training for keyword advertising, search engine optimization, affiliate links, email broadcasting marketing programs. Mr. Harte has interviewed hundreds of Internet web marketing experts and tested many types of web marketing systems to discover the key success principles used for Internet marketing programs. Mr. Harte's combined knowledge and experience in business systems, communications technologies allow him to communicate well with all people within a company that have a need to understand marketing programs and communication systems. He has authored over 80 books on communications technologies and systems on topics including Internet Marketing, Business Finance, Mobile Communications, IP Telephony, and Billing Systems. Mr. Harte holds many degrees and certificates include an Executive MBA from Wake Forest University (1995) and a BSET from the University of the State of New York, (1990).

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