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Web Site Course

This course explains how to setup and manage web sites for business managers and non-technical people. You will learn the basics of how web sites work, how they are hosted, and your options in setting up web sites. Before you let someone else setup a web site for you, you should attend this course to understand your options.

Using information in this course, you will learn what options you have available to define, set up, and manage your own web site(s). This course explains how you can create professional looking web sites using templates within 1-2 hours. You will also learn how to change, add, and delete web site components.

Discove how to register domain names and redirect them (point them) to your web site hosting company. Learn how you can setup email addresses for staff and contractors that use your domain name and how to setup email forwarding to allow you to redirect emails when employees or contractors leave your company.

Understand that while free web sites may be good for your business initially, if your business grows you may become trapped into remaining with these sites because they control the web address and graphics.


• Different Ways to Create Web Sites
• Selecting and Registering Domain Names
• How to Setup and Manage Email Addresses for Your Domain Name
• Designing the Layout of Web Sites
• How to Get and Use Images and Content
• Getting Web Pages listed on Search Engines
• Using Templates to Create Amazing Web Sites
• Inserting Ads into Web Site


Course Book


Only $10 (includes a 5 dollar coupon for beverages at the coffee shop).


28 January 2009.


We recommend you arrive around 6:30pm for coffee/beverage and meet and greet and the seminar starts at 7:00pm.

This seminar is 1 hour with 30 additional minutes for questions and answers.


Java Divine Coffee Shop, 128 Bass Lake Road,
Holly Springs, NC 27540

About the Presenter


Geovanny Solera is a web designer for Althos, where he rapidly creates and manages multiple magazine, e-commerce (online bookstore), and information web sites. He sets up and edits over 100 web sites, and manages an online store that has sold over 10,000 books worldwide. His new book “How to Create a Web Site” helps business managers and non-technical people understand their web site options and how to protect themselves when setting up web sites. His industry articles have also helped identify and simplify the options and processes that people and businesses use to create online web site solutions.

Summary Outline

-What is a Web Site?

Web site web page files

-What you need to Have a good Web Site

Domain name
Email addresses
Web site host company
Web site editor program

-How to Setup a Domain Name

Registering domain names
Pointing domain names to your site

-How to Setup Email Addresses

Email server account
Creating new email addresses
Forwarding email addresses

-How to Select a Web Hosting Company

What are the costs
What capabilities are required
Support services offered

-Web Site Editing Programs

Web editors
HTML editors
Text editors (e.g. WordPad)

-Web Content

Text, Images, Audio, and Video
Transferring media

- Inserting Ads

Google Ads
Banner Ads

Who Should Attend

Business owners and non-technical people who desire to know the available options and processes that are used for making web sites.


A basic knowledge of how to browse the Internet, how to email, and how to use a word processor (such as Microsoft Word or Notepad) is helpful.

About Althos

Althos publishes books and educational materials for consumers and businesses that help them solve problems, lower cost, and save time. Althos performs seminars to help develop and promote “how-to” books.

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