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Authors: Lawrence Harte
Roger McGarrahan
ISBN: 9781932813265
Number of Pages: 360
Number of Diagrams: 106
Copyright: 2016

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This book explains the key parts of Internet TV systems, how they operate, and ways that over the top (OTT) Internet TV systems can generate sales revenues.

Almost any company or person can become a global television company. Internet TV systems are similar to regular broadcast television networks except they send TV signals through the Internet. In the first month that NetFlix offered the delivery of movies through the Internet to gaming consoles (one of several types of Internet TV viewing devices), approximately 1 million people signed up for service!

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You will learn the technology basics such as video ingestion, encoding, media production and program scheduling that will allow you to understand all the technical jargon and communicate with companies that can help you. Explained are the system equipment options for getting an Internet TV system up and running. Learn how you can obtain, produce and schedule television programs. You will understand how people can watch your Internet TV programs on a computer or standard TV using Internet TV set top boxes, media players, or game consoles.

Discover how Internet TV business works including advertising and television commerce (T-commerce). Find out how to locate interesting TV programs and the content licensing process. Discover how you can use high-value (more ad revenue) targeted advertising that is more effective than cable TV systems because it can be sent to specific locations and viewers. You'll learn about operations and billing systems and effective ways to promote television channels and programs.

Some of the most important topics featured in this book include:

Internet TV System Equipment and Operation Over the Top Television OTT Hosting Options Key Types of Video Conversion (Encoding) How to Broadcast TV Programs through the Internet Internet TV Viewing Device Options How to Find & License Good TV Content Ways to Produce Original Content How to Insert, Track, and Sell Advertising Internet TV Service Billing Systems TV Station and Program Marketing Campaigns

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - What is Internet TV?

Chapter 2 - Internet TV Services

Chapter 3 - Internet TV Content Sources

Chapter 4 - Internet TV Viewing Devices

Chapter 5 - Internet TV Technology

Chapter 6 - Internet TV Systems

Chapter 7 - Internet TV System Operation

Chapter 8 - Internet TV System Options

Chapter 9 - Content Production

Chapter 10 - Live Internet TV

Chapter 11 - Internet TV Billing

Chapter 12 - Internet TV Marketing

Chapter 13 - Internet TV Content Licensing

Chapter 14 - Internet TV Advertising

Appendix 1 - Acronyms

Appendix 2 - Release Form Sample

Appendix 3 - Internet TV Marketing Plan Sample


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About the Authors

Lawrence Harte is the president of DiscoverNet media which publishes Social TV Magazine, runs Internet TV Plus conferences, and develops tech and business courses on emerging technologies. As of 2016, he authored 113+ books on communication technologies (more than 20 on TV systems and technologies). Lawrence is a technical and marketing advisor to several TV show and movie production companies. Between 2005 and 2016 he interviewed over 3820 companies that produce TV products and provide services. Mr. Harte has designed, setup, managed products, and invented patents on communication technologies. He has worked for companies including Ericsson/General Electric, Audiovox/Toshiba and Westinghouse and consulted for hundreds of other companies including Google TV, Samsung, Sony, Rovi, and Others. Mr. Harte holds many degrees and certificates including an Executive MBA from Wake Forest University (1995) and a BSET from the University of the State of New York, (1990).

Roger McGarrahan is co-founder and President/CEO of PathFinder Digital LLC which provides complete satellite communications systems to state and federal government agencies and the US military; inclusive of satellite terminal hardware, satellite data services, field installation and support services. Roger was also the co-founder and COO of StreamVu (PathFinder TV) which provides Internet based digital video streaming solutions including Over-the-Top IPTV and multi-platform live video streaming. Prior to that, Roger was CEO of Thomson Broadcast & Multimedia, Inc. (Thomson/Grass Valley) in charge of North America operations and previously its General Counsel. Earlier Roger was legal counsel for COMSAT RSI which specialized in the design and delivery of satellite communication systems. In total, Roger has twenty five years experience as executive management, operations management, and corporate counsel in the broadcast, satellite and telecommunications industries.

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