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More than 600 Companies Providing Products and Services to the IP Television Industry

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Copyright: 2007

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The 2007 IPTV Industry Directory provides contact conformation for over 600 companies that provide products and services to the IP television industry.


If you have been looking for companies in the IP Television industry, you have likely been overwhelmed with the difficulty of finding and identifying companies that provide specific types of IPTV products and services. Generic searches on the Internet produce search results with thousands of companies that donít seem to match what you have searched for. Many IPTV and supporting products are provided by relatively new companies or from divisions of large companies which are hard to find. Even when you find the company, it is hard to find the correct contact person (or even a personís name on the web site). Calling into companies and asking about IPTV products leads to the language game where the person on the phone has no idea about products that do television over data networks.

The IPTV Industry Directory solves these problems by identifying the companies that are providing products and services, listing companies in indexes of IPTV product and service classifications and giving accurate contact information that includes; physical addresses, phone, fax numbers and more. We have validated each through direct communication with the companies. If you are planning to develop or market products in the IP television industry and donít want to waste many hours search, identifying and validating companies, this guide will be your navigator.

The categories of companies in this directory include:
- IP Set Top box Manufacturer
- IP Televisions
- Media Servers
- Media Editing Tools
- Media Access Nodes or TV Gateways
- Middleware
- Digital Rights Management (DRM)
- Billing Systems
- IT Training Companies
- Ultra Broadband
- Chip and Component Manufacturers
- Trade Shows
- Mobile Video Gateways
- Mobile Video Telephones
- Media Viewers
- Headend Media Equipment
- Program Content Providers
- Program Content Aggregators
- IPTV Headhunters
- IPTV Schools
- IPTV Consultant Companies
- Multicast Distribution Equipment
- Premises Distribution Equipment
- IPTV Industry Standards and Associations

IPTV Industry Directory 2007 bk7781357$89.99

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