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Editor:Lawrence Harte

Number of Pages: 696

This reference is the perfect solution for those involved or interested in the creation, editing, and use of music in media. This dictionary covers the latest terms, acronyms, and topics used in the music production, synchronization, and publishing industries. It is a great reference tool that help people to communicate with other professionals involved in the music and media industry.

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Industry Magazines

Industry Associations

Music Industry Podcasts

Trade Shows

About the Editor

Mr. Lawrence Harte is the chief marketing officer of Crumbs Music and has over 26 years as a tech media expert creating thousands of articles and media posts which he managed on hundreds of media channels. He founded & publishes multiple TV and Marketing industry magazines, is author of 118+ marketing, business, and technology books, and runs multiple TV industry and marketing conferences. He hosts Internet TV Plus podcast which covers new media production and distribution for movies, TV shows, and video series.


This reference includes:

Over 4,200 of the latest music production, licensing, and publishing definitions
Contains 1,200+ of the latest industry terms and acronyms
Has 80+ diagrams and photos to help explain complex definitions
Includes directories of magazines, associations and trade shows

To ensure this dictionary contains the latest definitions, 12 experts were used from different sectors of the music industry to add and edit definitions. Many of the definitions were created using our media books that have been edited by hundreds of industry reviewers. Diagrams and pictures in the dictionary assist the understanding of technical terms by providing functional and operational views.


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