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Author: Lawrence Harte
ISBN: 9781932813463
Number of Pages: 412
Number of Tables & Diagrams: 171
Copyright: 2021

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This book covers how to select, setup and run OTT and Streaming TV systems and services. While the OTT industry is rapidly growing, extreme competition from many new content sources provide very low profit margins. OTT systems have many complicated parts that must work together. To be profitable, you need higher revenues from advertising, sponsors and direct viewer purchases. This book will help you to understand the key parts to OTT systems, how to setup and run them, and provide you with sample plans and templates to speed up and improve your successes.

Book Contents

OTT and Streaming TV-systems, services and applications

OTT Service Provider (OSP)-content, subscribers and distribution

OTT Platforms-gather, process, services

OTT Viewing Devices-receive, adapt, interact

Media Ingestion-transferring files, identification and storage

Asset Management-categories, production access and programs

Digital Rights Management (DRM)-licensing, usage types and fees

Media Workflow-select, edit and convert

Services Management-viewing types, packages and features

OTT Advertising-video ad insertion, digital ads and ad networks

Distribution-streaming, media formats and CDNs

TV and Video Apps-user experience (UX), device software and distribute to app marketplaces

OTT Billing-gather & rate transactions, invoice and collect payments

Customer Care-communication, ticketing and activities

OTT Security-authentication, access and encryption

Testing and Maintenance-monitoring, analysis and reporting

Content Licensing-rights, term and costs

Social TV-clips, processing and media channels

Fan Management-memberships, groups and activities

TV Shopping Carts-items, orders and payments

Appendix 1-Sample Documents

Appendix 2-OTT Directory

Appendix 3-OTT Glossary

Appendix 4-OTT Terms & Acronyms

About the Author

Mr. Lawrence Harte is the publisher and editor in chief of OTT Business Magazine, author of more than 121 communication books (Mostly TV technology, business, and media communication. Between 2005 and 2021, he interviewed more than 4,137 executives and technologists in the communication industry. Mr. Harte is the CTO of Ski TV and is responsible for expanding user interfaces (UX), implementing new content sources, setting up advanced advertising, TV apps, social TV, and eCommerce services. He is the CMO of, an MTV like television show and healthy living media platform where he sets up SVOD and AVOD services, video ad integration, and advanced tCommerce applications. Mr. Harte has worked for Ericsson/General Electric, Audiovox/Toshiba and has been an expert consultant for Samsung, Google TV , Nokia, and dozens of other top media and technology companies. He holds many degrees and certificates including an Executive MBA from Wake Forest University & a BSET from the University of the State of New York.