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A Guide for Gaining and Maintaining Competitive Advantage in the Knowledge Economy

Author: Eric Stasik

Number of Pages: 220

Copyright: 2003

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Patent or Perish explains in clear and simple terms the vital role patents play in enabling high technology firms to gain and maintain a competitive edge in the knowledge economy. Patent or Perish is a Guide for Gaining and Maintaining Competitive Advantage in the Knowledge Economy. In a world where knowledge has value and knowledge creates value, ideas are the new source of wealth. This book describes how technologies like the Internet remove traditional barriers to entry and enable competitors to quickly and effortlessly duplicate positions of competitive advantage and shows why just having good ideas is not enough. This books shows why companies need good ideas that can be patented.

Table of Contents

Part 1 – Why File Patents

Chapter 1 – Knowledge has Value

Chapter 2 – Basic Patent Strategies

Chapter 3 – Where the Basic Patent Strategies Work, and Where They Don’t

Part II – What Patents You Need to Have in the Portfolio

Chapter 4 – The Strategic Patenting Objectives of Knowledge Companies

Chapter 5 – The Invention Strategy, and Why it Fails

Chapter 6 - A Frenzy of Patenting

Chapter 7 – Value Driven Patenting

Chapter 8 – Patent Strategies in Complex Technologies

Chapter 9 – Using Patents to Gain Competitive Advantage

Chapter 10 – Salients and Weak Positions

Part III – Patent Engineering, Obtaining the Patents you Need

Chapter 11 – Patent Engineering

Chapter 12 - Integrating Patent Engineering into the Patenting Process

About the Author

Eric Stasik is director of, an expert consulting firm providing patent engineering, product development, and licensing services. Mr. Stasik helps small and medium sized businesses, individuals, and research organizations to create strong new patent positions and maximize the leverage available from their existing portfolios.

Formerly director of patents and licensing for telecommunications giant LM Ericsson, he has over a decade of experience in dealing with complex patent issues. As manager of IPR activities for the GSM division of Ericsson Radio Systems, he was instrumental in developing a patent portfolio which has generated in excess of €100 million in royalty income. Mr. Stasik has a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and has been a registered US patent agent since 1994.

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