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Using Patents to Gain and Maintain Competitive Advantages

Author: Eric Stasik

Number of Pages: 48

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"Practical Patent Strategies Used by Successful Companies" explains, through the use of practical examples, how companies can use patent strategies to achieve their business goals.

Despite their importance to business planning and success, patent strategies are usually presented as abstract legal or economic concepts that provide little or no value to business and technology managers who are not patent experts. Examining how patents are used by leading companies in specific business applications can provide great insight to their practical use and application in your business plan. Unfortunately, most patent strategies are obscured by complexity and secrecy that makes examination difficult. This book cuts through the obscurity and presents in plain and clear language why having a patent strategy is important and how to implement programs and processes to develop and manage different forms of intellectual property (IP). To help the reader understand the value of patent strategy, this book includes an analysis of how Hewlett Packard and Lexmark have used patents (and other IPR) to create the tremendously profitable ink-jet printer business. These examples provide a useful road-map to show how patents may be used in other technologies to create similar advantages. Herein you will find a presentation of the basic elements of a patent strategy, how these basic elements are applied in the specific case of ink-jet printer cartridges, and a discussion of how products and patents can be engineered to ensure that competitive advantage is gained and maintained. Some of the most important topics featured are: ∙ Why a patent strategy is essential to most business plans.

∙ How a patent strategy can affect the design and development process.

∙ Methods to “design-in” patent protection.

∙ How to reduce, or avoid, royalty payments.

∙ Ways to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Business Model

Chapter 2 – Elements of a Patent Strategy

Chapter 3 – Patent Strategies for Ink-Jet Printers

Chapter 4 – Examples

Chapter 5 – Adapting to Competition

About the Author

Eric Stasik is director of, an expert consulting firm providing patent engineering, product development, and licensing services. Mr. Stasik helps small and medium sized businesses, individuals, and research organizations to create strong new patent positions and maximize the leverage available from their existing portfolios.

Formerly director of patents and licensing for telecommunications giant LM Ericsson, he has over a decade of experience in dealing with complex patent issues. As manager of IPR activities for the GSM division of Ericsson Radio Systems, he was instrumental in developing a patent portfolio which has generated in excess of €100 million in royalty income. Mr. Stasik has a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and has been a registered US patent agent since 1994.

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