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Search Engine Optimization for Business

We will cover how search engines work so you can better understand how the SEO things you do will influence them.
We will also cover ways to get better web performance results from search engines.
Learn to understand SEO objectives which is more than getting increased traffic to a web site.
Search engine ranking how the search engines calculate which web site results come first.
Web site content optimization What is good content, how to get it, and how to change it to get better search results.
Meta-tag optimization Hidden web page descriptors why they are important.
Web link optimization Key way search engines rank listings is by the relative value of links. Will show you how to value and get good links.
Landing page optimization Key to link search engine results to the proper landing page.
SEO measurement What to measure, how to measure, and analysis of the information you gather.
SEO management Making a SEO plan and how to work the plan.

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