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This course explains how adword marketing programs and pay per click advertising works, ways to select and create effective keyword ads and how to measure keyword marketing performance.

While you can get listed in the search engines within minutes, it takes skill and effort to cost effectively run Adword campaigns. Discover how to use keyword selection and management tools to find successful and cost effective keywords to you. Learn about keyword matching options (exact, phrase, and context) and how using them affects your success and marketing costs.

Adword marketing options such as keyword selection options and inclusion of ads on content partner sites is described along with how to take advantage of these options without rapidly depleting your marketing funds. You will learn how to measure your Adword marketing performance including how to determine the cost per conversion.

Highly effective adword marketing campaigns precisely match (target) ads to specific keywords. This can require the selection of thousands of keywords and the creation and management of hundreds of ads. You will learn how to use adword management tools to increase your effectiveness while reducing the amount of time it takes to manage your adword campaigns.

Discover how adword marketing programs are full of money depleting challenges such as click fraud and ways to manage and reduce these costs. If just one-tip or recommendation in this book helps you, it should make you or save you many times the small purchase price o this book. Some of the most important topics featured include:

How Adword Marketing Programs Work
What you Need to Do Adword Marketing
Keyword Selection Tools
Creating Effective Keyword Ads
Adword Program Management
Measuring Adword Marketing Performance
Keyword Matching Options
Adword Marketing Economics
Ways to Manage Click Fraud
Keyword Bidding Strategies

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