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How to Setup & Run Email Marketing Programs

This course explains how email marketing systems operate, what is needed for email marketing, how to get, manage and use lists, how to create effective email marketing offers, and the regulatory requirements for operating email marketing programs. Email marketing program objectives can include increasing revenue, customer retention and communication of important information. You will learn how to focus email marketing programs to extremely targeted audiences to achieve high conversion rates. Managing lists is critical to the success of email marketing and this tutorial explains how to find, setup and use list management companies. Explained are the key measurements used in email marketing programs including soft bounces, hard bounces, successful deliveries, opens, clicks, and conversions. You will learn how to create email marketing campaigns and effective email ads and offers. Discover how to efficiently acquire and develop lists from web portals, newsletters, list rentals, and list brokers. Through an explanation of the economics of email marketing this book will show that list acquisition can cost $5 to $20 per name. Some of the important regulatory requirements such as the SPAM-CAN act are described, along with how you can avoid significant penalties that may be imposed for the improper use of email marketing programs. Sample email campaigns are included along with actual performance measurements for these campaigns.

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