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Author: Lawrence Harte
ISBN: 1-932813-63-2
Number of Pages: 248
Copyright: 2017


TV commerce explains the services, systems and technologies that can be used to display, order and process payments for products and services sold directly to consumers on television sets.

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Television commerce (t-commerce) systems allow customers to view and purchase products or services on their television sets. While TV commerce is fundamentally similar to e-commerce, there are a mix of unique limitations and new capabilities available for t-commerce systems. This book explains how television systems can be upgraded to allow customers to view, select and buy products through their television systems.

The rapid rollout of on demand services and IPTV provides a simple platform for enabling television systems to directly offer and sell products and services. This book describes the functional parts of TV systems which are necessary to enable television commerce. T-commerce services include transaction services, subscription services, downloadable media and applications. You will learn how television systems can use video catalogs and setup TV storefronts.

Discover how TV widgets (small downloadable programs) can be used to insert media and user selectable menus directly over television program displays and how they can be coordinated and controlled. Learn how some TV middleware systems (software that links the content source to the viewing device) may have T-Commerce application program interfaces, allowing vendors to provide offers and receive orders without having to modify the TV system each time a new program or system is made available.

The key protocols used by t-commerce systems are described, along with how they can be used to integrate multiple systems (such as vendor catalog and billing systems) with t-commerce networks. Discover how t-commerce billing systems can monitor, track, rate and bill for sales and services. Learn about hosted TV commerce which can simplify how companies and people can directly sell products on television.

Many of the key television commerce regulations are explained ranging from advertising content restrictions to order fulfillment performance. You will learn about privacy regulations that define what types of information can be stored, when it can be stored, and how it can be used.

Table of Contents

Direct Selling via Television

T-Commerce Systems and Services

TV Storefronts and Video Catalogs

T-Commerce Order Management

TV Widgets and Middleware

TV Commerce APIs

T-Commerce Protocols

TV Commerce Billing Systems

Hosted T-Commerce

Television Commerce Regulation

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About the Author

Lawrence Harte is the president of Althos, an expert information provider covering the communications and media industries. He has over 29 years of technology analysis, development, implementation, and business management experience. He has setup, managed, and provided training for keyword advertising, search engine optimization, affiliate links, email broadcasting marketing programs. Mr. Harte has interviewed hundreds of Internet web marketing experts and tested many types of web marketing systems to discover the key success principles used for Internet marketing programs. He has setup and published several monthly printed and electronic magazines. Mr. Harte's combined knowledge and experience in business systems, communications technologies allow him to communicate well with all people within a company that have a need to understand marketing programs and communication systems. By 2009, he authored over 100 books on communications technologies and business topics including Internet marketing, business finance, mobile communications, IP telephony, and billing systems. Mr. Harte holds many degrees and certificates include an Executive MBA from Wake Forest University (1995) and a BSET from the University of the State of New York, (1990).

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