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Author: Lawrence Harte
ISBN: 1-932813-31-4
Number of Pages: 248
Number of Diagrams: 62
Copyright: 2010

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This book explains the television advertising industry and how it is changing from general one-way broadcast commercials to custom targeted interactive media campaigns. Between 2004 and 2009, over 1/3rd of money budgeted on television advertising campaigns ($17 billion per year in the United States) had shifted to Internet advertising. Television advertising is changing to better compete and in some cases outperform Internet advertising.

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TV systems have been evolving into two-way media distribution networks (cable modems, IPTV, mobile video). This allows TV systems to better identify who should receive certain types of ads and to get immediate feedback on how they are reacting to the commercials.

You will discover how addressable advertising can be used to better select commercials for viewers. Discover how interactive commercials can allow viewers to select, store, and expand (telescope) commercials and how much more value they can create for the advertiser (more sales) an dhow much more revenue they can create for the broadcaster.

Sample Diagrams

There are more than 42 explanatory diagrams in this book

Mixed Media Advertising

This figure shows how a television program can use mixed media to provide product offers to qualified consumers at specific times in a display location that is noticeable but not intrusive. This picture shows that during a news program, the viewer is presented with a pizza icon from a local pizza restaurant. This example shows that when the user selects the icon, a small window appears with the pizza offer details.

Table of Contents

-About the Author

Chapter 1 - Television Advertising
TV Advertising Marketplace
-Advertising Shift to Internet Marketing
-TV Viewing Habit Changes
-TV Ad Bidding Web Portals
-TV Broadcasting Revenue Sources
-Content Revenue
-Advertising Revenue
-Television Commerce
-Marketing Plan
-Advertising Campaigns
-Audience Segments
TV Broadcasters
-Content Sources
-Ad Supported Network
-Broadcast Systems
TV Viewers
-Target Audiences
-Interruption Marketing
-Ad Blindness

Chapter 2 - Television Ad Types
Standard TV Ads
-Linear Ads
-On Demand Ads
-Long Form Advertisements
Overlay Ads
-Logo Insertion
-Image Placement
-Transparent Overlay
-Scrolling Text
Squeeze Back (Squeezeback)
-Foreground Display Resizing
-Background Video Display
Embedded Ads
-Ad Content Integration
-Dynamic Product Placement
Expandable Ads
-Program Bookmarking
-TV Internet Ad Delivery
-Return to Program
Personalized TV Advertising
-Viewer Identification
-Ad Content Modification
TV Widgets
-Widget Applications
-Downloading Widgets
-Widget Activation
Interactive Advertising
-Enhanced Ads
-Dedicated Ads
-Hosted Ads

Chapter 3 - TV Advertising Technologies
AD Insertion
-Ad Scheduling
-Ad Availability Slot (Avail)
-Cue Messages
-Dynamic Ad insertion
Digital Program Insertion (DPI)
-Elementary Streams within Programs
-Ad Splicers
-Splice Modes
-Splice Points
Addressable Advertising
-Regional Advertising
-Zone Based Advertising (Zone Advertising)
-Local Advertising
-STB Based Advertising
-Viewer Based Advertising
Contextual Advertising
-Ad Relevancy
-Ad Context Identification
Downloadable Advertising
-Downloadable Media Formats
-Ad Triggers
-Ad Downloading
Interactive Advertising
-Interactive Ad Enhancements
-Event Timing
-Application Signaling
-User Agents
Television Ad Identification
-Television Ad-ID
-Ad Metadata
TV Viewer Identification
-Viewing Habits
-Viewer Profile
-Profile Assisted Ad Selection
TV Ad Customization
-Media Channel Identification
-Ad Localization
-Ad Personalization
Program and Ad Insertion Verification
-Subaudible Tones
-Video Fingerprinting
Ad Bookmarking
-Ad Bookmarks
-Ad Rating
-Ad Forwarding
-Stored Ad Viewing
TV Ad Coupons
-Download Coupon Graphic
-Coupon Request Form
-Coupon Delivery
TV Ad Bidding
-Bid Management
TV Viewer Skin Ads
-Window Viewing
-Player Skin Ads
User Controlled Advertising
-Advertising Controls
-Advertising Profiles
-Content Provisioning
Enhanced Television (ETV)
-ETV Applications
-Application Control Signaling
-Media Synchronization
-Application Server (AS)
-ETV User Agent
-ETV Events
Hybrid Broadcast and Internet TV
-Link Embedding
-Link Processing
-Content Redirection

Chapter 4 - Television Systems
Cable Television (CATV)
-Analog Cable
-Digital Cable
Satellite TV
-Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS)
Broadcast TV
-Analog Broadcast TV
-Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT)
-Enhanced TV
-Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Television (HBBTV)
Mobile TV
-Cellular Television (Mobile Video)
-Mobile TV Broadcast
-Mobile Satellite Television
Internet Protocol TV (IPTV)
-Switched Video
-Packet Distribution System
-IP Access Devices
Internet TV
-Internet Television Service Provider (ITVSP)
-TV Channel Connection Management

Chapter 5 - TV Advertising Systems
TV Ad Sources
-TV Network Ads
-TV Ad Networks
-Local TV Advertising (Local Spots)
Campaign Management Systems
-TV Ad Campaign Requirements
-Plan Optimizer
-Revenue Report Generator
-TV Advertising Web Portals
-TV Ad Bidding Capability
-Ad Budgeting
-Television Network Selection
-Program Restrictions
Ad Libraries
-Ad Database
-TV Ad Content Description
-Ad Servers
-Ad Transmission Bandwidth
-Ad Formats
-Media Transfer
Ad Inventory Management
-Placement Opportunities
-Ad Placement Systems
-Avail Classification
-Inventory Optimization
Ad Insertion Systems
-Ad Insertion Schedules
-Ad Pre-Emption
-Ad Splicers
-Cue Injection Equipment
-Cue Dropping Equipment
Ad Tracking
-Insertion Log
-Ad Monitoring
-Tuning Metrics
TV Advertising Billing Systems
-Ad Insertion Orders
-Ad Insertion Tracking
-Ad Insertion Rating
TV Ad Sales Systems
-Advertising Proposals (Ad Proposals)
-Ad Submission Procedures
TV Advertising Industry Specifications
-SCTE 30 Digital Media Splicing
-SCTE 35 Digital Program Insertion Cueing Message for Cable
-SCTE 130 Advanced Television Advertising
-CableLabs Advanced Advertising Systems

Chapter 6 - TV Ad Campaigns
Campaign Objectives
Brand Value
-Brand Impressions
-Association Context
Web Site Traffic
-Web Site Popularity
-Qualified Visitors
Distributor Promotional Support
-Co-Operative Advertising
Sales Lead Generation
-Interested Prospects
-Qualifying Information
Products and Service Sales
-Direct Sales
-Online Purchases
-Increased Consumption
-Purchase Validation
Campaign Audience
-Market Reach
Broadcast Media Channels
-Network Selection
-Local TV Broadcasters
-TV Ad Networks
Campaign Insertion Requirements
-Program Selection
-Slot Position
-Insertion Guarantees
-Ad Frequency
TV Ad Campaign Scheduling
-Run Dates
-Event Scheduling
-Run of Schedule (ROS)
-Day Part Profile (Daypart)
-Advertising Viewing Periods
-Split Time Length Campaigns

Chapter 7 - TV Commercial Production
Creative Concept
-Promotional Message
-Creative Idea
-Scene Descriptions
Script Writing (Scripting)
-Stage Direction and Shot Descriptions
-Script Readings
-Talent Scouting
-Location Scouting
-Talent Casting
-Content Licensing
-Filming Equipment
-Equipment Rental
-Shoot Planning (Shooting Schedule)
-Production Company
-Location Setup
-Production Crew
-Filming (Shooting)
Post-Production (Postproduction)

Chapter 8 - TV Ad Metrics
Viewership Ratings
-Rating Points (RP)
-Gross Rating Points (GRP)
-Target Rating Points (TRP)
Ratings Services
-Viewing Diaries
-Monitoring Devices
-Set Top Box Data (STB Data)
Audience Segmentation
TV Ad Interactions
-Object Selections
-Data Submissions
-TV Ad Bookmarks
-Ad Expansions
TV Ad Internet Interactions
-Web Site Visits
-Web Site Visit History
-Conversion Actions
Social Media Monitoring
-Monitoring Mentions
-Number of Comments
-Share Value

Chapter 9 - TV Advertising Economics
TV Advertising Marketplace
-Television Advertising Revenue
-Internet Advertising
TV Advertising Revenues
-Cost per Thousand (CPM)
-Cost per Interaction (CPI)
-Local Advertising Revenue
-Sponsored Programs and Infomercials
Media Buying
-Upfront Buying (Upfronts)
-Ad Commitments
Advertising Costs
-Sales Commissions and Agency Fees
-TV Advertising Workflow Costs
-Advertising Support Costs
TV Commercial Production Packages
-Airtime Commitment
-TV Commercial Templates
-Customized TV Commercial Templates
-Local Commercial Production
-Custom TV Commercial
-Premium Commercial

Chapter 10 - TV Advertising Regulations
Content Restrictions
-Restricted Products and Services
-Broadcast Time Periods
-Geographic Restrictions
-Scheduling Restrictions
Misleading Advertising
-Truthful Advertising
-Deceptive Advertising
-Fair Advertising
-Subliminal Advertising
-Comparative Advertising
-Interactive advertising
-Creative Treatments
-Advertising Elements
-Advertising Rights
-Unaltered Media
-Association Context
-Justified in Context
-Brand Allocation
-Viewer Profiles
-Viewing History
-Financial Data
Generic Codes of Practice
-Self Regulation
-Best practices
-International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
-Communications Policy Act

Appendix 1 - TV Advertising Acronyms

Appendix 2 - Production Agreement


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About the Author

Mr. Lawrence Harte is the president of Althos, an expert information provider which researches, trains, and publishes on technology and business industries. He has over 29 years of technology analysis, development, implementation, and business management experience. Mr. Harte has worked for leading companies including Ericsson/General Electric, Audiovox/Toshiba and Westinghouse and has consulted for hundreds of other companies. Mr. Harte continually researches, analyzes, and tests new communication technologies, applications, and services. He has authored over 100 books on telecommunications technologies and business systems covering topics such as IPTV, CATV, mobile telephone systems, data communications, voice over data networks, broadband, prepaid services, billing systems, sales, and Internet marketing. Mr. Harte holds many degrees and certificates including an Executive MBA from Wake Forest University (1995) and a BSET from the University of the State of New York, (1990).

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