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Author: Lawrence Harte
ISBN: 1-932813-94-2
Number of Pages: 256
Number of Tables & Diagrams: 63
Copyright: 2020


This book helps OTT providers, TV broadcasters, television equipment & service vendors to discover, learn, and implement emerging Streaming TV services, applications, and key revenue generation options. It identifies key performance indicators for OTT systems, ways to increase TV and digital ad rates, how TV apps can earn in-app advertising and purchase revenues, ways to monetize Social TV and how tCommerce can add new on and off screen revenues. This book was developed from interviews and contributions from 117+ successful OTT industry companies.

After Reading This Book, You Will be Able To:

- Describe New OTT Services & How They Work
- Know OTT Market Data, Trends, & Benchmarks
- List Ways to Increase New Subscribers & Decrease Churn
- Ways to Increase TV Ad Revenues & Offer New Types of Digital Ads
- How TV Apps Create In-App Ad & In-App Purchase Revenues
- Methods to Monetize Second Screen Services
- Generate tCommerce Revenues from Affiliate, DRTV, & Shopping Channels

Special Features

- Market Research & Trends - hard to find streaming TV and app data & forecasts
- Benchmarks & Case Studies - business measurement types and implementation examples
- Glossary - dictionary of terms and acronyms for advanced OTT systems and services
- Sample Docs & Templates - plans, guides, and other helpful resources
- Company Directories - lists of key OTT equipment and services companies

Book Contents

OTT Business - Covers how OTT service providers, TV broadcasters, equipment manufacturers, and content producers are offering new services and increasing revenue on and off their television platforms. Key topics covered include OTT Systems, OTT Digital Advertising, TV Apps, Social TV, and Television tCommerce.

OTT Systems - Covers over the top television (OTT) content, platforms, and customer engagement options. Platform types , user experience options, key benchmarks, and successful examples are provided.

OTT Digital Advertising - Discover how OTT service providers can earn more money from ads by micro targeting, dynamic ad insertion, ad personalization, and by providing cross-platform digital advertising campaigns.

TV Apps - Covers how to develop, distribute, and maintain TV apps along with services they can provide and ways they can earn revenue from app sales, in app advertising, and in app purchases.

Social TV - Covers how television systems are being enhanced to provide new on screen, second screen, and off screen customer experiences. Learn about social program guides (SPGs), user generated content, fan management, and other audience experience options.

tCommerce - Covers how eCommerce can be added to television systems to allow OTT service providers to earn new revenues from affiliate off screen purchases, enhanced direct response television sales, and by hosting OTT interactive shopping channels.

About the Author

Mr. Lawrence Harte is the publisher and editor in chief of IPTV Magazine, author of more than 119 communication books (Mostly TV technology, business, and media communication. Between 2005 and 2020, he interviewed more than 4,137 executives and technologists in the communication industry. Mr. Harte is the CTO of Ski TV and is responsible for expanding user interfaces (UX), implementing new content sources, setting up advanced advertising, TV apps, social TV, and eCommerce services. He is the CMO of, an MTV like television show and healthy living media platform where he sets up SVOD and AVOD services, video ad integration, and advanced tCommerce applications. Mr. Harte has worked for Ericsson/General Electric, Audiovox/Toshiba and has been an expert consultant for Samsung, Google TV , Nokia, and dozens of other top media and technology companies. He holds many degrees and certificates including an Executive MBA from Wake Forest University & a BSET from the University of the State of New York.