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Author: Lawrence Harte
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TV technology and business needs to transform to provide more personalized media with enhanced viewing experiences. TV viewers are shifting to watch media on new types of devices. Television services are earning less money advertising and subscription services and viewers have access to many new types of media. TV Metaverse is the interconnection of media systems or platforms which uses multiple types of data (metadata) to create new personalized media and provide enhanced user experiences.

Table of Contents

What is the TV Metaverse?

TV Metaverse Business

TV Metaverse Services

TV Metaverse Apps

TV Metaverse Viewing Devices

TV Metaverse Regulations

TV Metaverse Media Production

TV Metaverse Billing

TV Metaverse Advertising

Virtual Production

Appendix 1 - Social TV Acronyms


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About the Author

Lawrence Harte is the founder and Executive Producer of TV Metaverse Show series and media platform. He is responsible for the development, production, distribution and monetization of video episode series, volunteer programs and new media & service testing projects.

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