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More Sales Leads, Less Effort

ISBN: 1-932813-07-1
Number of pages: 268
Number of diagrams: 89
Authors: Lawrence Harte
Carolyn Luck
Mitt Ray
Copyright: 2012

White Paper Marketing Tutorial

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White paper marketing programs can transform ineffective and costly push advertising marketing campaigns into highly qualified pull marketing successes. White papers can allow you to receive hundreds or even thousands of requests for information from qualified sales leads.

While some companies are getting better at using white papers to attract qualified inquiries, many white paper marketing programs can be more....

Sample Diagrams

There are more than 89 explanatory diagrams in this book

White Paper Marketing Alert Page

This figure shows a white paper alert page for a social media marketing topic. This example shows that the white paper alert web page includes a short description of the white paper that consists of a problem statement, several pain points and a solution promise. Some key section descriptions are also provided along with reference links so the reader feels they have learned something from their search efforts. An alert registration is used to gather the names and email addresses of people who want to receive the white paper when it becomes available.

whitepaper alert web page image

Table of Contents

White Paper Marketing

White Papers

-White Paper Topic
-Explanatory Details
-Solutions Based
-Unbiased Content
-Limited Self Promotion
-Credible References

White Paper Marketing

Informational Document
-Focused Topic
-Audience Profile
-Solutions Oriented
Distribution Channels
-Self Hosted
-Directory Listings
-Web Portals
-Email Broadcasting
Response Channels
-Download Registration
-Resource Links
-Response Inquiries

White Paper Marketing Objectives

Brand Value
-Brand Impressions
-Association Context
Search Engine Ranking Value
-Site Popularity
-Keyword Density
-Content Value
-Link Value
Web Site Traffic
-Inbound Links
-Qualified Visitors
-Knowledge Presence
-Relationship Tool
-Domain Authority Status
Sales Lead Generation
-Interested Prospects
-Qualifying Information
Product and Service Sales
-Direct Sales
-Online Purchases
-Increased Consumption
-Purchase Validation

White Paper Distribution

Self Publishing
-White Paper Index Web Page
-Product Web Pages
-Summary Web Pages
White Paper Directories
-White Paper Profile
-White Paper Classification
-White Paper Access Control
Authority Web Sites
-Industry Associations
-Trade Magazines

White Paper Response Channels

Download Registration (Gated Access)
-Gated Access
-Direct File Transfer
-Email Delivery
-Password Protection
Information Requests
-Form Submission
-Phone Contacts
-Email Requests
Reference Links
-Link Tracking
-Link Tracking Code
-Link Reporting
-Link Tracking Analysis

White Paper Development

White Paper Campaign Objectives
-Information Gathering
-Sales Leads
-Conversions (Actions)
Target Audience
-Audience Characteristics
-Reader Personas
Problem Identification
-Salespeople Interviews
-Customer Care Interviews
-Customer Interviews
Reader Questions
-Question Sources
-Question Triggers
-Question Responses
White Paper Reference Sources
-Trade Magazines
-Subject Matter Experts (SME)
Product Solutions
-Product Features
-Application Notes
-Case Studies
-Product Solution Map
White Paper Content Building
-Key Outline
-Insert Knowledge Elements (KE)
Response Channel Insertion
-Response Types
-Response Channel Locations
-Response Channel Configuration
White Paper Copywriting (Editing)
-Reader Flow
-Proof Reading

White Paper Content Creation

White Paper Title
-Keyword Placement
-Audience Name
-Problem Identified
-Action Oriented
White Paper Descriptions
-Keyword Rich
Outline Structure
-Heading Levels
-Heading Names
Body Text
-First Paragraph
-Relevant Content
-Interesting Factoids
Reference Links
-Credibility Names
-Information Portal Web Pages
-Link Tracking Codes
White Paper Image Creation
-Visual Elements
-Functional Processes
-Application Example
White Paper Layout
-White Space
-Line Spacing
-Page Numbers
-Consistent Appearance
PDF File Creation
-PDF Convertor
-PDF Distiller
-PDF Editor
-Link Embedding
-PDF Security

White Paper Listing Submission (Syndication)

White Paper Profile Form
-White Paper Title
-Creation Date
-Contact Information
White Paper Usage Guidelines
-Content Ownership
-Document Security
-Use of Names and Logos
-Tracking Links
-Contact Information
White Paper Content Guidelines
-Relevant Content
-Creation Date
-Use of Logos and Trademarks
-Promotional Content
-Embedded Links
-Time References
-Fair and Unbiased Content
Submission Agreement
-Authorized Uses
-Agreement Time Period
File Transfer
-File Name
-Transfer Method
Submission Review (Acceptance)
-Topic Matching
-Content Value
-Revision Requests
Listing Approval
-Listing Page
-Summary Description
-White Paper Categories
White Paper Publishing
-Registration Page
-Listing Page (Summary Page)
-Index Links

White Paper Promotion

Microblogging (Tweets)
-Shortening URL Links
-Review Requests
-Availability Announcement
-Problem/Solution Tweets
Blog Posts
-Blog Post Title
-Blog Post
Email Broadcasting
-Targeted Lists
-Email Service Provider (ESP)
-White Paper Announcement Message
-Email Testing
Article Marketing
-Byline Articles
-Article and White Paper Directories
-Article Rewrites
Discussion Groups
-Discussion Research
-Discussion Engagement
-Earned Media
-White Paper Reference
Social Bookmarking
-Bookmarking Sites
-Page Submission
-Bookmark Recommendation
-Bookmarking Buttons
White Paper Press Releases
-Press Release Title
-Press Release Email Subject Line
-Press Release in Text Format
-Resource Links
-Contact Information
-Media List
-Journalist Download Link
Banner Advertising
-Banner Ads
-Banner Development Tools
-Banner Ad Networks
Search Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising
-PPC Keywords
-PPC Ads
-Quality Score (QS)
Viral Marketing
-Viral Content
-Seed Distribution List
-Copy Tag Line
-Referral Incentives
Direct Mail Promotion
-Direct Mail Content
-Direct Mail List
-Mail Stuffing
-Tracking Codes
White Paper Alert Web Page
-Unpublished White Paper Description
-Alert Registration
-Availability Announcement
-Tutorial Slides
-Slide Notes
-Promotional Media Items
Web Seminars
-Seminar Hosting
-Web Seminar Moderator
-Web Seminar Speakers
-Web Seminar Participants
-Web Seminar Registration
-Video Recording
-Scheduled Recorded Web Seminars
Promotional Videos
-Video Production
-Embedded Videos
-Video Titles
-Video Captions
-Video Transcriptions
-Shared Video Networks
-Promotional Video Optimization (PVO)
Affiliate Marketing
-Affiliate Partners (Publishers)
-Affiliate Promotion
-Affiliate Networks
-Affiliate Content
-Affiliate Guidelines
-Affiliate Compensation
Talk Shows
-Publicity Agent (PR Agent)
-Program Manager
-Talk Show Host
-Talk Show Guest
-Question List
-Radio Talk Shows

White Paper Marketing Metrics

White Paper Impressions
-Brand Views
-White Paper Summary Page Views
-Reference Views
-White Paper Reads
Social Media References
-White Paper Mentions
-Number of Comments
-Post to Comment Ratio
-Positive to Negative Comment Ratio
-Social Reach
Download Measurements
-Listing Page Views
-Number of Downloads
-Listing Page View to Download Ratio
Media Interaction
-Document Opens
-Link Selections (Link Clicks)
-Link Topics
-Forward to a Friend (Link Forwarding)
-Viewing Trackpoints
Information Requests (Inquiries)
-Number of Inquiries
-Types of Information Requests
-Inquiry Rate
-Download to Inquiry Ratio
Conversion Actions (Conversions)
-Sample Requests
-Inquiry to Conversion Ratio
White Paper Marketing Management
-White Paper Identification
-Content Management
-Profile Management
-Distribution Control
White Paper Identification
-White Paper Project
-White Paper File Name
-Publication Code (Product ID)
-Summary Web Page Address (URL)
-Reference Link Identifiers
-Resource Identifiers
White Paper Content Management
-Text Revisions
-Editing Reviews
-Production Documents
White Paper Profile Management
-Description Lengths
-Keyword Lists
White Paper Distribution Channel Management
-Distribution Channels
-Submission Status
-Publication Results

White Paper Economics

Revenue Sources
-Direct Sales
-List Value
-Brand Value
-Increased Product Sales and Usage
Development Costs
-Licensing Content
Promotion Costs
-Hosting Costs
-Submission Fees
-Listing Fees
-Download Registration Fees (Sales Lead Costs)
-Cost per Inquiry (CPI)
-Cost per Conversion (CPC)

White Paper Sponsorship

Sponsored Hosting
Brand Sponsoring
Sponsored Production
Hosted Sponsoring (Listing)
-Index Listing
-White Paper Links
-Summary Pages
-Branded Content
-Exclusive Branding
Sponsored Production
-Exclusive Production
-Syndicated Production
-Shared Production

White Paper Team

Marketing Manager
Project Manager
Subject Matter Expert (SME)
Copy Writer
Search Engine Optimization Editor (SEO Editor)
Copy Editor
Graphics Illustrator
Layout Designer

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White paper marketing programs can transform ineffective and costly push advertising marketing campaigns into highly qualified pull marketing successes. White papers can allow you to receive hundreds or even thousands of requests for information from qualified sales leads.

While some companies are getting better at using white papers to attract qualified inquiries, many white paper marketing programs can be enhanced by designing white papers to include additional response channels, finding more effective places to publish white papers, and by writing the white papers in a style that better engages and motivates the reader.

You will learn the basic processes to create effective white papers, places where you should make your white papers available, and how to setup response channels which can identify the performance of your white paper marketing campaigns.

White paper marketing objectives include improving search engine ranking value, increasing web traffic, sales lead generation, developing credibility value, and direct product sales.

You will discover key locations where your white paper should be made available including self-publishing options, white paper directories, and on authority web sites. You will learn about white paper sponsorship options and how sponsoring can get your message in front of more qualified people.

You will learn how to create effective white papers by writing in a style that pulls the reader into the white paper and by developing reader personas that allow you to use keywords and phrases that are specific to your targeted readers.

Getting white papers to be hosted on other web sites may require a white paper submission process that includes submission data, descriptions, classification, and review by a subject matter expert. There are some important things to consider when submitting white papers to directories or authority sites including avoiding duplicate content, audience matching, and other factors.

White paper response channels include gated access downloads, embedded links for supporting information, and inbound contact listings. You will learn several key ways you can track inquires and actions that result from your white paper including how to track inbound calls, links to resources.

This book includes a sample white paper development project which describes the process from concept to implementation. Measurements projects are included to provide you with benchmark information on how successful a white paper marketing program can be. Some of the most important topics featured include:

White Paper Marketing Business Model
White Paper Marketing Objectives
Distribution Options for White Papers
White Paper Sponsoring
How to Create Effective White Papers
The White Paper Submission Process
White Paper Response Channels
Tracking White Paper Performance
Sample White Paper Development Project

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About the Authors

Mr. Lawrence Harte is the president of Althos, an expert information provider covering the communications industry. He has over 29 years of technology analysis, development, implementation, and business management experience. He has setup, managed, and provided training for keyword advertising, search engine optimization, affiliate links, email broadcasting marketing programs. Mr. Harte has interviewed hundreds of Internet web marketing experts and tested many types of web marketing systems to discover the key success principles used for Internet marketing programs. Mr. Harte's combined knowledge and experience in business systems, communications technologies allow him to communicate well with all people within a company that have a need to understand marketing programs and communication systems. He has authored over 80 books on communications technologies and systems on topics including Internet Marketing, Business Finance, Mobile Communications, IP Telephony, and Billing Systems. Mr. Harte holds many degrees and certificates include an Executive MBA from Wake Forest University (1995) and a BSET from the University of the State of New York, (1990).

Carolyn Luck is an affiliate marketing expert, industry analyst, and business development manager. Her career began in 1996 when she setup and managed consumer retail businesses. After completing her undergraduate degree from the State University of New York, she gained her expertise in Internet Marketing through professional courses, company interviews, and direct program management. Mrs. Luck is a well published author, having authored and co-authored books, white papers, and articles covering Internet marketing systems, programs, and tactics. She has setup and managed affiliate marketing programs from Commission Junction, LinkShare, Amazon, and other leading affiliate marketing companies.

Mitt Ray is the director at imittcopy, a company that provides copywriting and white paper writing services. He is an expert white paper writer and marketer. Mitt Ray has written many white papers on technology, finance, marketing, recruitment and several other subjects. He is also the author of the white paper "Understand and Write White Papers," a white paper on how to write white papers. Along with imittcopy Mr. Ray also runs "The White Paper Blog," which is a wealthy source of information on white paper writing and marketing. He has written several articles on white papers and marketing. He has also interviewed many business executives from several companies while writing white papers and other marketing material. Along with his white paper writing service at imittcopy, Mr. Ray also writes stories and novels for children and young adults. Mr. Ray is the CEO of Social Marketing Writing, an online magazine which publishes content on Social Media, Marketing and Writing. Mr. Ray holds a degree from Lancaster University, UK. back to top back to top

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