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A document that defines the desired objectives, activities, and responsibilities of a person or company who is hired to write and produce a whitepaper.

Text Document

Ok to Copy and Use, NOT OK to Publish or Sell


This AGREEMENT made this <Agreement Date> by and between <Sponsor> ("Sponsor") a corporation incorporated under the laws of <Territory>, and having its principal office located at <Company Address>, and <Whitepaper Writer> ("Writer") located at <Writer Address> as follows:


Sponsor appoints Writer to create a document that is authoritative in nature for the education and support of industry professionals ("Whitepaper") and Writer accepts the appointment and agrees to produce the Whitepaper.


The Whitepaper topic will be <whitepaper topic>. The document shall contain at least <number of pages> pages and at least <number of illustrations> illustrations.

The content of the whitepaper will be written for <audience types>.

Writer shall research, review, and talk with subject matter experts (SMEs) to generate the content for the whitepaper.

The development of the whitepaper will follow the project steps as identified in Attachment 1 - Project Development Steps.


A) Whitepaper Document - MS Word Format Using heading styles and include images.

B) Whitepaper Document - PDF Format at least 10 pages including cover sheet and the contact sheet at the end of the document.

C) Images all images used in the whitepaper will be provided in high resolution format. If images have been purchased (e.g. from a stock photo company), authorization to use the images will be provided (proof of license).

D) Descriptions 200, 100, 50, and 25 word descriptions of the whitepaper.


This work is produced exclusively for hire and Sponsor will retain the copyright to the whitepaper and its associated materials.


During the development of the whitepaper, Sponsor will be provided with review versions for approval. The Sponsor has 5 days to review and approve the review version.


Minor changes such as spelling or grammar corrections may be made by Writer at the request of the Sponsor without formal requests.

Changes in content, format, or other requests that require Writer to spend time or resources beyond the scope of the Agreement shall be documents and assessed a change fee.


This Whitepaper defined in this Agreement will be produced for a fixed Project Fee of $<project fee>.

Services that are provided beyond the scope of this agreement shall be billed on an hourly basis (billed in 0.1 hour increments) according to the category of the service:

A) Subject Matter Experts - $185 per hour

B) Researchers - $110 per hour

C) Writers - $105 per hour

D) Illustrators - $95 per hour

Services will be billed on a monthly basis.

Additional categories of services may be setup depending on requests from the Sponsor. Writer will inform the Sponsor of estimated service charges before they occur and Sponsor may set limits on the amount of service charges that can occur in a billing period.


Sponsor agrees to pay Writer after the completion of Milestones:

Project Start - Completion of Agreement - 33%

Draft Text and Images - 33%

Production Ready - 33%

For additional services provided beyond the project steps, Sponsor agrees to pay Writer for additional services within 15 days of invoice.


Writer will conduct all of its business in its own name and in such manner it may see fit, pay all expenses whatever of its office and activities, and be responsible for the acts and expenses of its employees and sub-representatives. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to constitute Writer as the partner, employee or agent of Writer nor shall either party have any authority to bind the other in any respect, it being intended that each shall remain an independent contractor responsible only for its own actions.


This Agreement shall be effective on <effective date>, and shall continue in force for <term> period and shall end on completion of the project and payments have been received.

This Agreement may be terminated by either party at any time for any reason.

If Sponsor terminates this Agreement before completion, Sponsor agrees to pay all for all completed and milestones and the next partially completed milestone.

If Writer terminates this Agreement before its completion, Writer agrees to receive payment for all completed milestones and to forfeit payment for any partially completed milestones.


Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason, Sponsor shall be entitled to retain the ownership rights to all delivered materials.


This Agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties, shall supersede any other oral or written agreements, and shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties successors and assigns. It may not be modified in any way without the written consent of both parties. Representative shall not have the right to assign this Agreement in whole or in part without written consent.


This Agreement shall be construed according to the laws of <governing location>.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, The parties hereto have executed this Agreement on the day and year first above.

Whitepaper <Sponsor Company>:

By: ___ ______

Title: ________________________________________________


Whitepaper Producer <Whitepaper Writer>:

By: ______




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Whitepaper Writing Contract Sample - MS Word Format QDBCWWC001